Connecting Břevnov

By strengthening of the Břevnov community, the project aims at creating active neighbors´ groups that will be trained in participatory and decision-making processes. First, the project will study the needs and opinions on life quality of the locals. The research will partly use participatory methods. Its outcomes will be used in setting-up a neighbors´ counseling center, open discussion forums for the public and local representatives, and to create neighbors´ groups that will address local causes. By a workshop, local representatives will be encouraged to open up to participation.

Project start date:        1. 10. 2020
Project end date:      30. 9. 2022

The project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund. The programme pro-motes citizens’ active participation in the public life and decision making and builds capacities of civil society organizations. The Active Citizens Fund is financed from the EEA and Norway Grants.

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